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Congratulation for your right decision to buy the wedding MCOS smart blog.
We are developing the best automated niche blog for you, our blogs working for you even while you are sleeping.

We’re here to help you to grow your business. We help local businesses to build their brands and connect with customers. We create, connect, and build relationships through digital marketing, social media, and SEO.


As you know, your blog is full automated to get fresh content form all over the web, so you don’t need to update the content or add new posts to your blog, also the blog is full automated for maintenance, so the installed plugins and themes will get new updates automatically.

But also our smart blogs is fixable to use as personal blog and you can add new posts to your blog manually.
Smart Blogs is also great source of income, you can monetize your blog with clickbank ads, Adsense or Amazon ads ..etc.

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Features of your blog.

1- Add manual post.

2- Add new auto-posting campaign.

3- Send traffic to your blog.

4- Make money with your blog with Adsense.

5- Make money with your blog with Clickbank.

6- Make money with your blog with Amazon. 


Please enjoy the videos below which details how to use the Premium Traffikrr plugin to drive targeted traffic to your blog from social sites.

Video 1 – Overview

 Video 2 – YouTube

Video 3 – Facebook

Video 4 – Twitter

Video 5 – Tumblr

Video 6 – LinkedIn

Video 7 – Create a new campaign

Video 8 – Create an ad

Video 9 – Content

Video 10 – How to use the AD builder




Add video content that is matched to your sites keywords straight away.
A few days after activation you’ll begin to receive revenue from advertising served before this video content.

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