Get this much sleep to boost weight loss

Getting more sleep could be the key to losing weight, scientists suggest.

An average of eight hours per night leaves people less likely to snack on unhealthy treats, The Sun reported.

Researchers found those who get between seven and nine hours most nights have fewer hunger pangs.

They are also more likely to choose healthier foods and have energy to exercise. Past studies have shown the average Brit gets fewer than seven hours’ kip each night.

Nutrition expert Dr Wendy Hall, from Kings College London, said: “If people are less tired, they may be less inclined to choose sweet, energy dense foods. They also have less opportunity for late-night snacking.”

Sleep loss — mostly due to shift work, computer gaming and smartphones — is said to cost the UK economy around £40 billion ($AU73 billion) each year.

Dr Hall said being tired can upset the balance of hormones that control appetite.

She told the British Nutrition Foundation conference in London: “Extended sleep can lead to a significant reduction in intake of free sugars.

“Sleep duration could influence food choice and contribute to maintaining a healthy weight.”

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